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​Fuel Systems Consulting is a gas station contractor specializing in the design of motor fuel storage
and dispensing systems.
The fuel system is the heart of all gas stations, truck stops, fleet gasoline and diesel, motor fuel stations and commercial card lock stations everywhere.

Fuel Systems Consulting was formed in 1993, to provide service to owners and operators
of gas stations, as well as any owner of a motor fuel system, for their motor vehicle fleet, or building gen-set diesel fuel oil systems.

The systems have long since been a simple matter of a tank and some piping, having evolved to high-tech facilities indeed. The service station equipment and construction methods, of a typical storage and dispensing system, have remained anything but static. We are using 10th generation equipment. And who knows when the regulations will be revised again. Regulations have driven our industry for several decades in order to protect our air and water quality.

Prior to Fuel Systems Consulting, Robert Eagan spent many years as a gas station expert constructing gasoline service stations for major oil companies and public agencies. Early on it became very clear that the fuel piping and monitoring systems were far too important to be performed by a third party, such as a plumbing company. After all the plumbing company was doing commercial and residential plumbing. Few if any changes in methods and materials have occurred over many years in commercial and residential construction. The decision was made. The fuel product piping and monitoring systems must be installed by our own forces, in order to maintain the high standards that were necessary. As time passed we felt we must at all cost have zero tolerance regarding leaks. The result was that an "A" team was needed on all of our projects if we were to be successful in this business.

The same effort and thinking about the work was carried forward in Fuel Systems Consulting. We were convinced there was a real need for the service as the only people who knew how to design a fuel system were the major oil companies. The plans we received from nearly every other company or public agency were sadly lacking indeed. If you choose to use Fuel System Consulting on your fuel station, emergency generator fuel system, or other project you will not regret it, as Robert Eagan will perform the work. If the work is limited to the fuel system we would provide a complete work plan ready for permits and construction. 
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We welcome work where we work with your in-house engineer and or architect. In the event the fuel system is part of a larger improvement our plans may be made part of the total work.
Clear concise plans and specifications will provide for lower construction costs.
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